Slate of Candidates for
the NVP 2022 Election



Don Kennedy – This past year, we were able to renew club rides and I look forward to maintaining this momentum as we enter the coming year. I believe goals for the club should be 1) increasing ride leader participation 2) expanding new member participation by having beginner rides,

and 3) resuming the club century ride.

Past President

Howie Davidson

Vice President

AJ Gemperline - Most of you know me as the Activities Coordinator or Chairman. I have held that position for I believe 5 out of the last six years. I have decided to pass that torch on to someone else and run for the position of Vice President. In this new position I will continue my duties with our Pactimo Store and provide support as needed for Activities. This will be in addition to the duties of Vice President.

These past 18 months the position of Vice President has been put to the test with the Covid Outbreak. Just when everything looks like it is getting back to normal a new variant comes out. I do look forward to when we can safely meet again, off the bike, and when we do, I hope to have a slate of interesting topics and speakers for our meetings.

Board of Directors

Bonnie Adams – I am an avid cyclist. I have been a member of NVP for many years and really enjoy the weekend rides available as a member. I have also participated for many years in the Tour de Cure for Diabetes, as well as other charity rides. I want to become a member of the NVP board and share my joy of cycling with new and existing members of NVP.

Merle Adelman -

Rich Brown – What can I do to serve the club as a director?

Anything that the club wants me to do that does not involve digital technology.

Steve Stolts – After many years of friendship and enjoyment riding with NVP, as a member of the Board of Directors my goal is to promote and support joint rides with other cycling clubs. Barring travel restrictions due to Covid, a long weekend ride would be welcome addition to club activities.

Graham Rae –will take the coming year as a breather but will be available for club business if needed.

NVP 2021 Election Ballot and Officers Report (cont.)


Rich Bean - I wish to continue as the Club Treasure supporting a membership of awesome people who are passionate about cycling and good company.


Sammy Mercier- Would really like the opportunity to volunteer on the NVP Board as the Clerk. My wish is to bring folks of all cycling levels together within our surrounding communities through organized bike rides and other NVP events.

Over the years, it never ceases to amaze me the wonderful folks I have met through this bike club and the friendships that have developed and lasted. The friendships continue to endure with more developing each year where we support and encourage others to join the club

as well as enter cycling events they normally would not pursue on their own. And, each time, these folks are so grateful and amazed at their accomplishments.

Activities Director (appointed position)

Craig Mayhew- I’m excited to take on the role of Activities Director for the Nashoba Valley Pedalers. I have created, organized, and led numerous rides for the Potomac Pedalers. I think I can bring that experience to NVP with the goals of increasing the variety of rides and helping the club grow. I already have several ideas to incentivize ride leaders and make ride leading as turnkey as possible.

Membership Chair (appointed position)

Michael Young will continue in this position

Webmaster (appointed position)

Tom Hinkle will continue in this position