ALL RIDES WILL LEAVE ON TIME! PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY ENOUGH TO BE READY. All rides will have leaders, cue sheets, and/or maps. In case of rain, most regular rides will be canceled; if in doubt, call the ride leader. Carry a spare tube, tire tools, a pump, water bottle, and personal ID information. Check your tires’ condition and make sure they are properly inflated.

REMEMBER: Ride safely and obey the rules of the road. HELMETS ARE REQUIRED ON ALL NVP RIDES!

The ride classifications below are for your convenience in selecting a ride suited to your riding style and fitness level. Always read the descriptions for details of terrain and the leader’s intentions.

NVP Rides

Usually 15 miles or more, with a variety of lengths, terrain, and intents, cue sheets, sweep optional.
  • Terrain 1 – Flat.
  • Terrain 2 – Predominantly flat to rolling; a few moderate hills; no steep hills or long climbs.
  • Terrain 3 – Rolling, frequent but moderate hills, with a few steeper or longer climbs with recovery terrain in between.
  • Terrain 4 – Rolling to hilly, several difficult steep hills or long climbs, in some cases with little recovery terrain in between.
  • Terrain 5 – Very hilly, with frequent steep and/or long climbs, long stretches with no recovery terrain.

Special Rides

  • Orientation: Less than 12 miles over Terrain 1 or 2, group stays together, cue sheet and sweep.
  • Moderate: Less than 25 miles over Terrain 1, 2 or 3, group stays together or regroups frequently, leader’s pace 10-12 mph, cue sheet, sweep optional.