Nashoba Valley Pedalers

Be sure to download the route and/or print out a cue sheet before you  come to a ride. Leader will not have cue sheets. If you are an NVP Member, please be sure you are a member of our RideWithGPS Club Site and a "click thru" to the route will give you premium features. 

Ebikes WITHOUT a throttle are allowed on NVP rides. Be sure you have enough battery power to get back to the start.

Founded in 1978, NVP is a club of recreational, fitness and touring riders located in the Nashoba Valley area of eastern Massachusetts. We are primarily a road club, but also offer off road rides and weekend trips. We have rides for all abilities, from 10 miles to 100 miles. In the off season, our members offer occasional walks, hikes, cross-country skiing and Zwift Keep Together Meetup events. Nashoba Valley Pedalers is a member of MassBike and affiliated with The League of American Bicyclists 

Our rides are mostly held in the Western suburbs, but are occasionally held in or closer to Boston, Southern New Hampshire, and Central or Western Massachusetts. During the COVID pandemic, only paid members who have signed our 2021 waiver can ride with the club.

Every Summer (pandemic-permitting)the club hosts a fully supported century through our area with 25, 50, 75, and of course 100 mile routes. We hope to run the 2022 Century Saturday, August 27. Keep an eye out for updates.

NVP promotes bicycling as a safe mode of transportation and recreation. We support activities which improve safety and facilities for all types of recreational, sport and commuting use of bicycles.

There's more to the club than just rides. Pending NVP Board approval, we expect to resume our social activities:

Learn more about the new Massachusetts law requiring motorists to giver cyclists and other vulnerable road users 4 feet. 

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As a part of our Affiliate Club Membership program, you, as a member of Nashoba Valley Pedalers, can join MassBike for just $10!  You will receive information on how to get the discount in your club membership package. 



Supporting MassBike with a year long membership will ensure that our statewide work will continue. The impact we have in communities across the state grows each year and with your help Massachusetts can be the number one state for bicycling.


MassBike will keep you informed through emails, social media, and events as to what is going on in your community.


When you join MassBike, you are alongside a diverse network of over 3000 members who seek to improve our roads and paths. Through events and volunteer opportunities, you'll be connected with this exciting group.