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Post date: May 9, 2016 4:57:10 PM

Charlie Smigelski - dietician and athlete - Nutrition for Older Adult Athletes

Playing sports is a lot of fun. Fitness activity slows aging and prevents cancer. Many people find that getting competitive in their sport adds to their enjoyment. They like the challenge of cycling 500 miles in a week‐long charity ride. Maybe running a first marathon or swimming in a masters' tournament is the way to celebrate turning 40 or 50. It's fun, but at these ages, recovery can be slower. Serious nutrition can speed repair. Having enough fuel helps people stronger, adding to the enjoyment of training and racing.

Charlie Smigelski is a nutrition expert and athlete based in Eastern Massachusetts. He uses metabolic therapy to treat a number of conditions, and works with clients to help them reach their peak performance. He has an office in Groton. More information is available at