Election Notice - 2019 Board of Directors

Post date: Jan 1, 2019 1:13:21 PM

Here is the slate for the 2019 Board of Directors with Statements if received. Watch for an email (or two) with a link to the ballot. You must submit your ballot by January 18 to be counted. Results will be announced via email, with the Board introduced at our Annual Meeting! Questions? Contact Sammy Mercier, sammymercier@yahoo.com

President - Responsible for leading Board meetings, bike club policies, problem solving, attends board meetings

Howie Davidson

Vice President - Responsible for setting up membership meetings and obtain speakers for each meeting and attends board meetings

Donald Kennedy - will continue in this role (because we did not have a candidate)

Clerk - Responsible for taking the monthly Board meeting mintues and sending out in a timely manner and attend board meetings; send out annual report to secretary of state

Sammy Mercier (sammymercier@yahoo.com)


1) To help bring the surrounding communities together through biking charity events--like raise funds for pet shelters.Seems there isn't enough of those. And, it helps expose our bike club name to the surrounding communities.

2) By volunteering you develop stronger ties within the biking community and work with the members to

perhaps enhance the bike club---for instance, make it easier for members by offering an additional

membership type, like a 2-yr membership at a discount, similar to what CRW offers. Another idea is

to have a dedicated section on the NVP site for members to upload photos from recent bike rides---perhaps

have them rotate on a monthly basis.

Treasurer - Responsible for money (paying bills) and reporting out at the monthly NVP Board meeting the financial status and attend board meetings; complete annual tax forms; calculate and pay insurance

Romaine Randall

Directors - Responsible for attending NVP Board meetings and assisting with special projects when required

Julie Bernardi (jukieb2866@gmail.com)

I've appreciated the opportunity to serve on the Board this past year, to learn its role in the Club's operations. I enjoy having a say in decision making and contributing to the Club by being a voice for members.

Donald Kennedy (peloton75.cycle@gmail.com)

As the outgoing vice president, I would like to continue to serve the club as one of the directors.This year ,I reinstated the dining club and we have a second night planed for January 26th.I’ will continue to promote this activity as long as the membership shows interest. In addition to supporting the NVP Apple Country Century, I’d also like to explore the possibility of an NVP long weekend riding event.

Bill McCarthy (mcbillj@gmail.com)

I Would love the opportunity to continue contributing to the club. This general position is perfect for me. Here I can offer a wide variety experience to bring the NVP community together. Yes, more new things like Zwift. More group outings like Le Ride Documentary film. More recognition dinners for our key members.

Graham Rae (graham.rae@3ds.com)

I love everything the sport of cycling has to offer. Fitness, physical and mental health, being outdoors, speed, competition and the chance to be around interesting people from all walks of life. I enjoy a diversity of riding including road, time trial, mountain, indoor training, roller racing and especially hill climb races. NVP for me is a unique combination of a club with excellent rides, social activities but above all friends who will help and care about you both on and off the bike - that is the uniqueness that I want to help preserve as an ordinary member of this fine club. Thanks for considering me as a general board member.