April 10 Thursday Weekday Ride on Friday Ride Report

Post date: Apr 15, 2015 1:06:59 PM

Riders: Brian OConnor, Dom J, Fred N, Betty S, Dick L, Winslow G, Michael F, Roy W, Russ K, Bill W, Lisa B.

Dick wisely postponed the ride to 11.00, which is fortunate for some, including Fred, Winslow and Lisa who were still late (well just a bit)! Great to see Winslow back in action and in fine form. Our 22 mile ride around Harvard, Littleton and Boxborough was largely uneventful apart from a little dissent on why I elected to take Pine Hill Road over Flagg Hill Road (11% gradient). However, I do feel a little guilty because Winslow had a minor fall when hitting the steepest section but thankfully no damage done . Thank you Betty for sweeping.

Everyone had a fine Lunch at Nancy’s.