Saturday, 30 May: Successful Pack Attack and Lost Lake rides

Post date: Jun 2, 2015 3:32:31 PM

Saturday, 30 June saw two sets of great rides go on a fabulous late spring weekend. Robin led a group of 19 riders that were collected from South Acton, Littleton Depot, and Groton, to go to Pack Monadnock. We actually had at least 6 non-club riders, including the Marino Tandem Express from the North Shore Riders. We were surprised to see so many non-club riders at the outset, but there was clearly pent-up demand for a Pack ascent. For at least 6 of the NVP members including me, this was the first time going to Pack, and the challenging approach through Mason and Temple were the mere softening-up before the 1.2 miles (averaging 12%) up to Pack. Everyone made it up (see below for group 2) and had a good sense of their individual maximum heart rate after the final pitch (>20%). But the views onto Monadnock and towards Boston were great and very satisfying. Stops for liquids and food in Temple were equally satisfying and we all made it home with tired legs and a great sense of accomplishment. Many thanks to Robin for instigating and for the intrepid groups that stayed together to the end. What a great ride.

Merle led a Lost Late Backwards 40 mile route with a very successful contingent of at least 20 riders.

So despite the late start to the year, as we head into century season, as with the recent joint metric century, people are coming out in force to stretch their legs and extend their range.

Hope to see you soon,

Activities Director

Atop Pack Monadnock 30 June 2015, with Monadnock in the background.

Pictured: front row: Ken T, Robin S (leader), Howie, David M, John P; back row: Mysterious Yellow Man, Lisa L, Bernhard P, Phil P, Forrest H, Rick B.

Not pictured (in already-departed Group 1): Scott C, Ron M, Barry G, Kimo T, the Marino Tandem Express, and assorted North Shore and Ride Studio riders.