Tuesday mountain bike ride

Post date: Jun 16, 2015 7:13:45 PM

We had a huge crowd of 3 including Fred Newton (leader), Juliane N, and Farhana S on an overcast cool day, but with a dry weather forecast, at least until 2:00 pm. Many of our regular riders were away on vacations, etc.

We started the Weston College Trails at 10:00 am and rode the 8.9 mile route for an hour and 20 minutes moving time. The trails were mostly relatively smooth covered with pine needles and relatively flat with only 533 feet of climbing, but there were some rooty and stoney sections which gave Farhana a chance to see what her new mountain bike could do. Julianne helped her with some of the finer points like lifting her front wheel over logs, keeping up speed and forging ahead, etc. She also helped me stay on the right route. There were a lot of turns on the trail which were easy to miss or easy to take the wrong way. We decided this route was worthy of inclusion in our repertoire, so when we repeat this ride for a larger group, I’ll post some arrows at those turns.