Slate of Candidates for
the NVP 2023 Election



David NaiglesFor those of you who do not know me, you may recognize my signature appearance: I always wear tattoo arm sleeves and my Specialized Roubaix changes color as I ride between sunshine and shade. While I have only been a member since 2015, I feel like NVP is my family. I try to attend and lead as many rides as I can and constantly enjoy my interaction with all my fellow members. While this will be first leadership role in our club, I have been a member of cycling groups around the country and have served on the board a Chicago Club and a Club in Metro NYC.

As president, I believe my purpose is to provide the greatest amount of service and benefit to our members. I would not only like to see our membership grow but would like to increase our general participation in our rides and provide more options for our members to feel part of the “family.” In the past few months I have ridden with and have made friends with cyclists of all ages and abilities. I feel that I can represent different groups in our community and make our club a more inclusive and welcoming experience.

My experience in other clubs, large and small, will hopefully help NVP to become a more participative group and encourage more of you to participate in our rides, social events, and community.

Past President - Don Kennedy

Vice President

AJ Gemperline - Most of you already know me. I have been active on the NVP Board for several years and I am presently serving as Vice President. As Vice President I organized and captained a NVP team for New England Ride to End Alzheimer’s. NVP’s team raised over $12,000.00 for this cause, and led the effort for a new kit supplier and design. During my tenure on the Board, I have worked on the Century Committee in a supporting role and working at the Dunstable Reststop.

If re-elected as NVP Vice President I would like to encourage more leadership and support the President. We are experiencing a problem in getting ride leaders and having people show up to our rides. I believe part or most of this might be due to a post covid shift. I would explore implementing a standard weekend ride on one of our weekend days that would start from the same location and run the same short and long route every weekend. The ride start would be at a place that had a place that served coffee or something so riders could socialize and get to know each other and catch up before heading out. The other weekend day ride would be the ride leaders choice. Obviously, this is just a thought to be discussed with the board and new officers. I would also like to bring back club meetings on a more regular basis, with interesting speakers. The pandemic appears to be over but Covid may be with us for years to come. We do have vaccines and treatment. So it’s time to start bringing back members' meetings.


Don Kennedy - After serving as your president this past year, my desire is to continue to serve the NVP board as your Clerk. In retrospect after two long years of Covid shutdown, we revived the Apple Country Century. Going forward, the goal for 2023 is to increase the number of club rides and encourage member participation for leading rides.


Ben Davidson - Hello! I'm Howie's son so you might remember me riding the tandom with the club about 15 years ago. I just moved from California where I did a lot of biking in the Malibu hills and two years ago I rode a 500 mi loop around Yellowstone. I'd love to start riding with the group again and help out as treasurer. Previously, I served as the treasurer of my fraternity's $300k budget and I was the president of my HOA in California overseeing a $180k/yr budget. I'm looking forward to meeting you on the road!


Board of Directors

Bonnie AdamsI am an avid cyclist. I have been a member of NVP for many years and really enjoy the weekend rides available as a member. I have also participated for many years in the Tour de Cure for Diabetes, as well as other charity rides. I want to become a member of the NVP board and share my joy of cycling with new and existing members of NVP.

Steve Stolts After many years of friendship and enjoyment riding with NVP, as a member of the Board of Directors my goal is to promote and support joint rides with other cycling clubs. Barring travel restrictions due to Covid, a long weekend ride would be welcome addition to club activities.

Bill Cohen - I have ridden with NVP for several decades and have enjoyed the rides and camaraderie. Participating as a Director at Large will be my chance to give back to the NVP. I will bring another perspective to the board.

Activities Director (appointed position)

Craig Mayhew- I’m excited to take on the role of Activities Director for the Nashoba Valley Pedalers. I have created, organized, and led numerous rides for the Potomac Pedalers. I think I can bring that experience to NVP with the goals of increasing the variety of rides and helping the club grow. I already have several ideas to incentivize ride leaders and make ride leading as turnkey as possible.

Membership Chair (appointed position)

Michael Young will continue in this position

Webmaster (appointed position)

Tom Hinkle will continue in this position