Slate of Candidates for
the NVP 2024 Election

NVP 2024 ELECTION Statements                              


AJ Gemperline -  Most of you know me already.  I have served as Activities Director, Vice President and most recently stepped into the remaining term of President.  I am seeking a full term as your club President. 

Our club continues to remain strong and there are the usual hiccups and problems that most cycling clubs of our size have.  The one ongoing concern, which seems to plague us is rider participation when it comes to leading rides.  I am looking forward to new ideas from the board, membership and bouncing a few of my own in trying to attract more ride leaders. I need your vote and support to bring this about.  Thank you. 

Vice President

Don Kennedy - I would like to return as your club vice-president. NVP is great assemblage of bike riders of all abilities who enjoy each other’s company and magnify my enjoyment of cycling tenfold.


Sammy Mercier - I am hoping to have the opportunity to serve as the Clerk for the NVP Bike Club Board.  My wish is to bring folks of all cycling levels together within our surrounding communities through organized bike rides and other NVP events.


Over the years, I have developed some fantastic friendships through this bike club.  The friendships continue to endure with more developing each year where we support and encourage others to join in the great experience of biking outdoors.   Thank you.


Rick Bean - As a club member for twenty years and the club treasurer for half of those years, it is something I enjoy doing to support our club.

Board of Directors

Bill Cohen - The second year I am volunteering for this position. My goal is to help out the NVP.

Bill McCarthy - I’m looking forward to joining the board again.  As many of you know, I enjoy riding and supporting NVP.   Some of the key goals I have for the 2024 term are as follows: 

Bill & Margaret Collins - Margaret and I are honored to be considered candidates for the 2024 NVP board.


Regarding why we are interested, we have very much enjoyed riding and socializing with the NVP members.  We understand things like this work best when everyone contributes.  I anticipate retiring from my employment in 2024, which will free up some time.  We both feel we can dedicate the needed time to fulfill the expected duties. 

Activities Director (appointed position)

Membership Chair (appointed position)

Michael Young will continue in this position

Webmaster (appointed position)

Tom Hinkle will continue in this position